Are you thinking about a Software Solution that fits to your budget and needs? Then you are at right place. We are a highly skilled team of geeks focusing on niche market needs of small and medium sized companies as yours. Our solutions are customized to cater to your every needs. Services we provide are up-to-date with latest technologies and trends to meet your business needs.

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Software solution consultancy

We are dedicated to creating the best and most focused technology-based solutions for our business clients. Our business was founded with the belief that IT and software systems are best when incorporated with a customer centric approach that allows for high quality communication and a driven attitude towards delivering what our clients need and expect.

Software Development

ebrillo team has over 10 years analyzing and perfecting the integration of our teams into our customer’s environment in all different types of organizations. There is no magical tool or formula - every client is unique and therefore demands a working relationship that is created and developed in a unique way.

UI/UX Consultancy and Services

ebrillo User Experience Development practice incorporates user experience (UX) design and development activities into every stage of the application development life cycle, ensuring that end-user needs are central to the entire application development process.

Agile Consultancy and Training

We have been practicing Agile strongly for more than 5 years. We can help you realize these benefits by guiding your team through the transition from SDLC to Agile processes. Whether you’re an organization seeking wide-scale Agile adoption or looking to pilot your first Scrum team, we have solutions to meet your needs.

Software Maintenance

We excel in areas of Version Upgrade, Database & Language Migration, Porting, Re-Engineering and Functionality amongst others.

Software Quality Assurance

Quality is our number one priority and our team is dedicated in providing services from software quality assurance to test automation to make sure that quality is up to our standards. We specialize in Software Quality Assurance Process Consulting, Quality Assurance Trainings and Test Auditing.

Database Consultancy

A business is driven by data and we can handle your data with the utmost care. Our services will show you how to foster a more effective, more reliable database environment, which will lead to a stronger and more successful organization or an enterprise.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media marketing services are focused on putting your company in a better position to tap into the two-way conversation naturally happening between you and your customers. Our services are designed to show you where people are talking about you, the areas where you can best get involved, and the tactics you should use to help increase brand awareness.


We are a young IT software services company established in Sri Lanka with roots in Norway. We are dedicated to do the job right by winning the customer. Our solutions are highly diverse with latest technologies and ideas. Our aim is to be a competitive solution provider for small and medium scaled companies.

  • Agile

    On inquiry, team of our crazy experts will reach you.

    We come to a common ground based on your requirement.

    Diliver result before anything else.

    Happy you, Happy ebrillo.

  • Cost Effective

    Team of crazy experties dedicated for you.

    Utmost commitment and guidence to cater your needs.

    Long lasting relationship.

    Value for your efforts

  • Technologies and Services

    We provide full spectrum of custom software solutions and services to our customers. Software solution consultancy, Software Development, Software Maintenance, Software Quality Assurance Process Consulting, Quality Assurance Trainings, Test Auditing, Manual Testing, Test Automation, Database consultency, UI/UX Consultancy and Services, Social Media Marketing, Agile Consultancy and Training

  • Highly Customized

    Using Technologies such as ASP.NET, HTML5, JavaScript, C#, SQL server

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